Loooking for ways of dealing with your anxiety?

Struggling with your relationship?

Finding it difficult to cope with grief and bereavement?

Are you the child of alcoholic parents or a survivor of childhood sexual abuse?

Lacking meaning and purpose in your life?

Are you feeling confused, stressed, lost or depressed and unable to work out what is happening to you and what to do next?

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Anxiety Counselling West London & Online Anxiety Help

Is anxiety dominating your life? Do you live in fear of things going wrong? Are you constantly worried about situations that you can't control? Are you worried about the future? Anxiety is possibly one of the most crippling emotions that you can experience. At times it can feel like you are fighting a loosing battle with a ghost as you are

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Relationship Issues

If you are dissatisfied with your relationships then you may not feel valued by your friends colleagues or your partner. You might struggle to maintain fulfilling relationships or end up with people who

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Dealing with grief

Do you feel angry as you keep going over all the things that you never said before they died? Do your eyes fill with tears each time your remember all the memories you shared? Do you feel guilty because you did not make the most of the time you had left with your loved one? Do you keep wishing that you had been a better person toward your loved one? The loss of a partner, parent, sibling, close friend or a pet is one of the most heart wrenching

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Children of Alcoholics ACOA Counselling London

“I often have to guess what normal behaviour is” ... “I often lie when it would just be easier to tell the truth”... “I judge myself (and others) without mercy” ... Sound familiar? Yes, No? What about the following...

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Child Sexual Abuse Therapy London

…..Have you lost interest in life…? …Do you often wish you were invisible…? …Do you sometimes feel soiled, flawed and defective as a human being…?

“The abused children are alone, with their suffering, not only within the family, but also within themselves. They can not share their pain with anyone. They cannot create a place in their own soul where...

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