Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex mental health problems and anyone, regardless of race, age or background can develop one. It is not your fault if you have developed one.

BEAT estimate that 1.25Mio adults in the UK have an eating disorder. The NHS has found that 6.4% of adults display signs of eating disorder. Of those clients with an eating disorder, 10% have anorexia, 40% have bulimia. The remainder have an eating disorders that is not otherwise specified (EDNOS)

The SCOFF screening tool designed by Prof Morgan can help you understand if you have possibly got an eating disorder:

  • Do you ever make yourself Sick because you feel uncomfortably full?
  • Do you worry you have lost Control over how much you eat?
  • Have you recently lost more than One stone in a three month period?
  • Do you believe yourself to be Fat when others say you are too thin?
  • Would you say that Food dominates your life?

Two or more positive answers are a positive screen.

Consider asking yourself this question:

“Are difficult feelings or situations causing me to change eating habits or feel differently about food?”

If the answer is yes you could have an eating disorder or be developing one.

Eating disorders are a specialist area of counselling. I have trained with the National Centre for Eating Disorders in the UK. The training has a significant experiential component, which has required me to explore my relationship with food and apply strategies for change to my own issues.

I have regular eating disorder oriented supervision with a leading supervisor in the field. This is in addition to my standard supervision.

Taking the the first step to come to therapy can be daunting. It is important that you choose someone you like and trust. This will help you build a good working relationship , which is key to our work.

Email me (flavio @ or phone me (07413 465 168) to discuss this issue in confidence.


“…This is my safe space where I am learning to listen to and accept myself and make changes at my own pace whilst recovering from my eating disorder…”

(Julie, West London)