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My Story

My involvement with therapy dates back to my mid-teens when I was hit by a severe life crisis, which caused me to question myself and the world at many levels. I was riddled with anxiety and suffered from low self esteem and depression whilst facing several challenges at home.

A fellow student at the time put me in touch with her counselling psychologist. I still recall the anxiety and unease during my first appointment while waiting to see this person who would supposedly be able to help. To my complete surprise, I left after my first session feeling like I was walking on clouds and able to touch the sky. For the first time ever I got a glimpse of all the confidence that I never knew I had.

The therapist never used any techniques or tests, so it soon became clear that my empowerment was down to the acceptance and empathy that she embodied. That is not to say that she agreed with everything I said but she listened without judging and helped me see things differently often just by adding a few words here and there. Not all sessions where plain sailing. There were times when I had to accept parts of myself that I disliked or admit that certain situations would only shift if I was prepared to take a risk. Together we achieved a lot. She didn’t always get it right and even if that was annoying it taught me quite a bit about myself.

This early positive experience of therapy increased my interest in psychology and helped me realised that I wanted to become a therapist and make a difference to people’s life. I had to work hard to face and transform my demons and to overcome several obstacles . So when people tell me that they are stuck and struggling I have a good sense of where they are coming from.

Short term therapy had done me the world of good but I knew I needed more and I embarked on long term counselling prior to my professional training and throughout. During this time I experienced Psychosynthesis and its gentle yet powerful approach. By investing in seeing a private therapist, I was able to work in more depth without worrying about time limits, which put me at ease. Differently from other approaches, Psychosynthesis uses fractional analysis. It quite simply means that only those aspects of the past are explored which are relevant to your current problems. Working this way, helped save time and just six months later I had freed myself from several burdens and achieved significant change.


Empathy, unconditional regard, sound ethics and good communication remain at the core of what I do but sometimes clients need more than just talking and being listened to. That’s why I encourage people to work with dreams, free hand drawing, role plays and safely reflect on body language, posture and bodily sensations. This can help you explore aspects of yourself and gain insights that can sometimes be overlooked when using traditional talking therapy. My own life experience helps me to relate to my clients’ difficulties and much of what I have learned comes from experiencing life and dealing with people and not just from learning psychological theories.

I am a fully qualified and experienced therapist who is passionate about helping people lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. I was born and raised within a multicultural community, which taught me to value and respect diversity from a very young age. I have lived in the UK for most of my life but have spent many years living, working and studying in Switzerland as well as Italy. London is home.


I have been a key-worker for a NHS funded forensic drug treatment programmes and a homeless charity. I have also worked as a phone counsellor for a helpline supporting people in crisis. More recently I have been a counsellor for a leading private company dealing with emergency response and crisis management in several areas of public life.

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and a Diploma in modern European languages. I have additional training in working with couples. I have trained in IEMT, a technique which uses eyes movement reprocessing to help heal trauma.

A good therapist never stops exploring, learning and integrating and that is what I do by having regular supervision and attending training courses in order to develop my practice for your benefit.

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