How we can work together

How we can work together

No two people are the same

Whilst there are difficulties and patterns which are common to all human beings no two people are alike. The way we will work together therefore, will depend on your background,  culture, needs and preferences. I have been trained to use a range of frameworks and techniques and have worked with individuals and couples of different cultures, nationalities, and sexual orientation. This means I adapt my framework and techniques to clients instead of the other way round.


I take a collaborative approach to therapy, which means that we will work together to understand your difficulties and identify ways for you to overcome them. The work we will be doing is supportive and empowering but there may be times when our meetings might become challenging. However, with your willingness and my support it will be possible to continue your inner journey.

First session

When we first meet we will have an assessment. This will help us clarify your needs, where you are in your life and what you wish to gain from therapy. Whilst this may sound formal, there is no need to feel concerned. Some clients are able to share a lot and are clear about what they want right from the beginning. For others, finding the words and courage to express themselves is part of the work.

Frameworks and techniques

As a Psychosynthesis therapist, I have been trained to use a range of theories and techniques, which I combine with a warm, empathic, accepting, and honest approach. Some people prefer to talk things through whilst other like to combine talking with homework, painting, drawing, guided imagery, chair work or dreams. I am comfortable working either way depending on your needs and preferences.

Short term or open ended therapy?

Whether you need a defined number of sessions or open ended therapy depends on a number of factors. If you are unsure about what you require we can make time to discuss this during the assessment.

Qualifications & Approach

I hold a BACP Accredited Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling. My work is based on a model called Psychosynthesis.


Although a slightly mind-boggling word, it stands for an approach that is not only gentle and compassionate but also dynamic, responsive, practical and easy to grasp. The word Psych- stands for either mind/ soul or self. Synthesis means bringing together two or more elements to create a new whole. From a psychological perspective, it means to harmonise conflicting parts of the personality so that you can experience greater strength, focus and vitality thereby leading a more fulfilling existence. As harmony is created, it is easier to be in touch with who you truly are (or with your Self). In my view, the Self is the core of our being and is greater than the sum of the different parts of the personality.